Our responsibility does not end when your Visa is granted. We work with you to ensure that you are well prepared to settle in your study country without any difficulties. Our team will provide you with a pre-departure briefing before you leave your home country.

In general, our pre-departure briefing covers the following topics:

  • Information about your study destination's local culture and customs. It will help you to understand and adjust to the new country.
  • How to recognise and cope with ‘culture shock’.
  • Information about available student support and wellbeing in your study country and your institution.
  • Helping you with your travel arrangements.
  • How to open a bank account in your study country and how to transfer funds from your home country bank account.
  • How to find accommodation, and how we can assist if you need help with finding accommodation.
  • How to prepare for your journey, documents required for your travel, clothing and other items.
  • Helpful organisations in your study country.

The above points are some of the topics we will be covering on our pre-departure briefing. However, depending on your study destination, we could have more information and guidance. We may also have support from our network offices in some study countries. Overall, we are available to help and assistant in any ways that we can.